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IT Support

To run a successful business with reliable IT and ongoing confidence that this technology will continue to support your business is an important factor.


It makes sense to engage with an organisation that has a solid understanding of today's technology and an organisation that knows the true meaning of support and supply of knowledge.


We provide simplified and reliable Managed IT Support Services that are tailored to your specific business requirements at an affordable rate that won't break the bank.

Unlimited Support

The Unlimited Support option encompasses a full unlimited support service whereby we assume total responsibility for the ongoing health of your IT systems.

G Suite Support


iTEASPOON provides advanced G Suite support & maintenance options for configuration changes and day-to-day management of your G Suite account. We have Google Certified Consultants ready to answer all your questions.

IT Support

IT Support includes support for all your day-to-day IT support requirements in your business. We offer support for your workstations, printers and network


Our Ad Hoc IT support service is for businesses or IT teams needing complementary IT support or those not wishing to commit to a monthly support agreement - simply pay for the service you need. 



We offer Secure IT for all sizes of business and cover all aspects of your security needs ensuring that your users and IT systems are fully protected and free from threats and intrusions. Prevention is better than cure...

Business Continuity

Our online backup and recovery service is the key to ensure all those important digital documents, company data, photos and documents never get lost or deleted.

IT Support Cost
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