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Google + Xero... A perfect match in the cloud!

Both have a lot in common. Both were born in the cloud and both love small businesses.

Small businesses love being able to access everything they need online, that’s why Google and Xero together provide a smarter simpler way to manage your whole business.

Xero is beautiful online accounting software that connects straight to your G Suite Gmail. Work smarter with complete visibility of your customer and supplier transactions and emails in once place. Never miss a sales opportunity - create a new invoice or quote from email messages displayed in Xero.

Find your business contacts on the go with Xero’s Google Maps integration. Take your contacts beyond the address book and filter contacts based on purchase history and location. Build segmented lists for targeted email campaigns or email outstanding debtors.

Export financial reports to collaborate, share and analyse. Sign in once using one email for Google and Xero. Switch between the two seamlessly so your entire business is at your fingertips.

Streamline your workflows and actions for smarter an simple way to manage your business.

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