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About Us

We are ready to lead you to the future of business.
Is your IT consultant still holding on to the past?
We help free your business from the limitations of outdated technology

If you are like most business owners I know, you didn't study technology at school.


Emails and files were key to the success of your business, after all, you had to communicate with the world and save a few files. You acquired a computer, created an email address and started saving data or started using Dropbox.


And it was the beginning of your IT systems.


In the beginning, you did your own IT support. As your business grew, so did your IT. Over time your systems evolved into a sophisticated array of technology and it was handed over to the IT guys.


Now "Things are running ok" ~


but along came the Cloud and it changed the way we do business. When I started out in IT, I had no faith in the Cloud. I thought, ‘It will never take off’, ‘Will businesses switch?’ ‘It's too hard because it involves change.


So did many big technology companies and you are probably still sceptical too.


The reality is that we need to stay in tune with the times to stay ahead. Industries are highly competitive and you need to ensure that you stay ahead of the game in all aspects of your business to build the business you love.


In my experience, there are three aspects that business owners struggle with:


  • They know that moving their IT to the Cloud can transform their business but they are not getting the right answers from their current IT consultants

  • They know that Cloud technology can make a difference in their business but don't know where to start or the current solution is not working

  • They pay the IT Guy tax for supporting outdated technology


IT consultants can take advantage of those who are not well informed. They like to create “sticky customers” and rope you into costly agreements to support your computers and servers.


For the past 3 years, I have been helping businesses of all shapes and sizes to leverage G Suite (Google Apps) to break free from doing IT the old way and bust the myths of “Cloud IT”.


We simplified their IT systems by migrating it into a single platform.


We introduced stability and flexibility by using the world's most advanced IT Cloud infrastructure.


And we reduced their IT costs by 40 - 70%.


So if you are looking for practical advice on how Cloud technology can allow you to work from any location you choose, from any device, at any time, all while expanding your team,


bringing more flexibility into the way you work and reduce your IT costs, then you are in the right place.