Stay Secure With Advanced Gmail Anti-Phishing & Malware Capabilities

Stay secure with advanced anti-phishing and malware capabilities

Sunday, March 25, 2018

Google recently introduced several features for G Suite to help keep your data secure. As described in my earlier post, this includes advanced protections against phishing and malware attempts. Here is how you can rolled out to your organisation.

Go to the Admin Console under Apps > G Suite > Gmail > Safety. Each can be enabled, disabled or customised.

In the Attachments section:


  • Protect against encrypted attachments from untrusted senders

  • Protect against attachments with scripts from untrusted sender



In the Links and External Images section:


  • Identify links behind shortened URLs

  • Scan linked images

  • Show warning prompt for any click on links to untrusted domains






In the Spoofing and Authentication section:<